Kid-Safe Internet Search Engines:
Kidtopia - a collection of search sites and directories compiled by teachers and librarians of kid-safe sites for research.

Infotopia is an educational search engine that only searches web sites approved by teachers and librarians. Has links for Arts, Biographies, Games, Health, History, Images, Languages, Literature, Math, News, Reference, Science and Technology, Social Sciences and Hot Topics.

KidsClick! Designed by librarians for kids. It has category searching, advanced searching options that will select reading levels, Dewey Decimal searching, alphabetic searching, and quick links to searching for pictures, sound and video.

Sweet Search A list of search sites for elementary students.

Yahoo Kids While there are many fun places to visit on this site, you will have the most success at research if you go to the Study Zone. It has reference links, conversion widgets, World Fact Book, etc.

Google SafeSearch for Kids Allows you to search without the risk of getting results that are not appropriate for school. A good site for parents to check out.

Fact Monster Has category searching, a reference section, a homework section that is divided by subject, with study tools such as flash cards, conversion calculator, and more.

Ask Kids Similar to AskJeeves. It has a search option but also gives the option of Movies, Games and Answers.

Kid Rex A Google search feature written for young children.

Awesome Library Gives categories to search. Also has a homework area.