NBCPS Library Selection Policy
North Bend Central Public Schools Libraries strive to provide materials that will support and enrich the curriculum, taking into consideration the individual needs, the varied interests, abilities, socioeconomic backgrounds and maturity levels of our students.

Our goal is to provide materials for teachers and students that will encourage growth in knowledge, and that will develop literary, cultural, and aesthetic appreciation and ethical standards.

The libraries will provide a wide range of materials on all levels of difficulty, with diversity of appeal and the presentation for different points of view on moral, ethical, intellectual, political, religious and cultural issues, so that the students may make intelligent judgments in their daily lives and develop, under guidance, the practice of critical thinking and inquiry.

North Bend Central Public Schools will place principle above personal opinion and reason above prejudice in the selection of materials of the highest quality in order to assure a comprehensive collection appropriate for the students of North Bend Central Public Schools.

NBCPS Library Selection Criteria
Along with the guidelines discussed in the Selection Policy, materials for the library will be selected based upon the following recommendations:
  • The reputation and significance of the author or producer.
  • A high degree of potential user appeal.
  • A high level of artistic quality and/or literary style that are important to maintain student interest.
  • Materials should be valid, accurate, objective, up-to-date and appropriate.
  • In the selection of controversial materials, consideration must be given to providing factual, unbiased selections and providing materials of contrasting points of view.
  • Gift materials will be judged by the basic selection standards and may be accepted or rejected based upon those standards along with the condition of the item.

NBCPS Library Selection Procedure
Materials for the libraries will be selected using the following procedures:
  • Teachers are consulted for suggested books and/or topics that correspond to their curriculums.
  • Students will be given a forum for suggesting book topics and/or authors of popular interest.
  • Reputable, unbiased selections aides could include but are not limited to:
    • Print or online publications such as Booklist, Horn Book, School Library Journal, Library Media Connection, Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA).
    • Lists prepared by professional organizations such as the American Library Association, American Association for School Librarians, Nebraska Library Association, and the Nebraska School Library Association.
    • Annual award lists such as Golden Sower, Newbery, Coretta Scott King, Caldecott, etc.
  • A periodic evaluation of the collection will be done to keep the collection balanced.