Research sites:

Check out the Famous People page if you are working on biographies.

Nebraska Studies - also includes a Nebraska Hall of Fame link
Nebraska Information - links (selected by librarians) to many, many sites of interest about Nebraska.

Famous Nebraskans
Nebraskan Authors
Famous Nebraskans
Famous People From Nebraska

State Facts:
The 50 States Click on the state to find information about each one. Go to Quick Facts and click on links at the bottom (especially Home Page for Students) to get more things you can use. Also has famous people from each state.

Ducksters Geography for Kids - Click on states to find information about each.

State Facts for Students From the U.S. Census Bureau. Find population of each state. Will also tell you how many 10- and 11-year-olds live in that state.

Learn About The States: From Has links to websites for governments of each state. Look for 'Kids' links on the pages.

Kids Info Bits: Go to Gale Sites. After login, go to Kids Info Bits

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government
Click on each state to find maps and shapes of each state along with flags and fun facts about your state.

Famous Scientists:
Famous Scientists
Scientists From Science for Kids
Notable Scientists From FactMonster

Famous Mathematicians:
Top 10 Greatest Mathematicians
Famous Mathematicians

Animal Research