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Geography for Kids: (Duckster website)

Kids World Travel Guide


WorldBook Online for Kids Ask your teacher for the login and the password. (World Book Kids) Type the name of the president in the Search box. (The last name may be enough to get you started. Then you can find your president from the list of names given.)

Ducksters - About Presidents - short biographies about each President.

Presidential Trivia Small bits of information you may not have ever heard about the Presidents.

KidsInfoBits About Presidents May need to ask your teacher for the password.

Presidential Pets From FactMonster

The Chart Jungle Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the President of your choice for a clip art image of them. Hold your CTRL key down and click on the graphic to either Copy Image... or Save Image As... if you want to use it in your report. The citation information is already included in the graphic.

Presidential Reference More facts about the lives of presidents

May take extra steps to get to work:

Mr. President Smithsonian for Kids Profiles of Our Leaders